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macbook air hard drive problem repair service

macbook air hard drive problem repair service

macbook air hard drive problem repair service

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hard drive crashed; start up sceen shows a folder & sad face ,computer doesn't boot up ,flashing question mark ,makes clicking noises

- hard drive crashed; has bad sectors
- start up sceen shows a folder & sad face
- computer doesn't boot up
- flashing question mark
- makes clicking noises
- need more space on hard drive

customers having similar MACBOOK AIR hard drive problems
" I was playing a game that froze up. So I restarted my MacBook Air and I got a white screen that eventually shows a flashing question mark... Is it a hard drive problem? "

" My macbook air froze up and was totally unresponsive. Had to hit the power button, and it started up to that horrible clicking sound with a flashing folder icon. "

" I got the spinning beach ball of death and the system froze, and after a restart I got only a gray screen and the flashing question mark/folder icon. I guess it's a hard drive... "

" When i'm opening the disk utility my hard drive name is red coloured and when i click on it is saies:This drive has a hardware problem,that can't be repaired. Back up as much of the data as possible and replace the disk. "

" Friday my MacBook Air 13" white froze for 10 minutes and I forced a restart and then upon start up I saw a grey screen which had a picture of a folder with a question mark. It looks like the hard drive has crashed. "


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