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Shanghai Apple Iphone2G,3G,3GS,4G,4S repair center

Shanghai Apple Iphone2G,3G,3GS,4G,4S repair center

Shanghai Apple Iphone2G,3G,3GS,4G,4S repair center

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Shanghai Apple Iphone2G,3G,3GS,4G,4S repair center  Shanghai:

If your iphone / ipod touch because of crack, upgrade, you bought the Iphone does not take, do not hang with the problem of instability is still a headache or a call we'll give you the best solution.
1. The result back to upgrade their factory settings wrong, not normal conversation and Chinese SMS, our company can provide the perfect brush-up service .30-minute break.
2. Death, White Apple, emergency calls can not be switched, no signal, no wifi, into the water, LCD replacement, maintenance of various hardware issues.
3. To provide software download and upgrade features. Such as Chinese SMS input, personalized wallpaper and icons switching, stadium, entertainment, dictionaries, QQ / MSN Google Earth, skype software installation, puzzle games, telecommunications forwarding, MMS received , distinctive ring downloads and more. ITunes Store a lot of waiting for you to choose genuine software. Tools; Chinese input method (K9, stroke input), SMS forwarding, call history delete one by one, MMS receive, calls firewall, message filtering, address book management, contact groups, contact data import, video, audio, photo assisted . Great wisdom.
4. charge to help you identify genuine and fake machine, refurbished machines, leave Hong Kong version of the phone. Provides the most comprehensive global iphone support model and date of manufacture.
5. Other mobile phone contacts into other formats, iphone backup, iphone shop selling all kinds of accessories, a variety of other brand mobile phone accessories.
6. A variety of iPhone accessories, external battery USB Data Cable. Headset, leather case. Shell. Kadeng Shi film ...
(Note: Spirit firmware jailbreak 3.1.3/3.2 brick distress for a long time finally be rescued, to achieve the perfect jailbreak the latest firmware. But only jailbreak not unlock, please also have a lock to control self hand! IPhone U.S. version has a lock on the firmware version 3GS/3.1.3 perfect downgrade after 41 weeks can not lock the perfect break in need, please contact us.

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shanghai apple repair service store

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