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Samsung Galaxy S Tablet Repair Services Shanghai

Samsung Galaxy S Tablet Repair Services Shanghai

Samsung Galaxy S Tablet Repair Services Shanghai

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One of the biggest contenders in the tablet market today is Samsung, especially with their Samsung Galaxy S Tablet (Samsung GT-P1000). Although Samsung tablets were recently banned in the United States, only for the decision to be overturned by US courts, the company has been going strong. They have managed to keep up with the Apple iPad as well as Google Nexus and many other tablet manufacturers such as Asus, Lenovo, Amazon Kindle etc. While the technology giants have been introducing their latest technology into the market at an exponential rate, there are few problems that have arisen with the Samsung Galaxy S Tablet. Replacing these tablets is not always inexpensive, so the next best thing to do is to look into Samsung Galaxy S tablet repair.

Top 5 Galaxy S Problems We’ve Seen


With technology moving as fast as it is in our globalized digital world, it is no surprise that many of our latest gadgets may have some hiccups, and the Samsung Galaxy S Tablet is no different. Although a powerhouse in its own right, the Android-powered Tablet is susceptible to problems, whether they are hardware or software issues. Most devices, whether phones or tablets, are prone to physical damage including dropping, water damage, scratches etc. While manufacturers have attempted to make indestructible machines, there is always a chance of some glitch or physical damage along the way. There have been issues such as physical damage as well as software issues that customers have complained about with the Samsung Galaxy tablet. Listed below are a few of the most common problems among Samsung Galaxy S Tablet users and some Samsung Galaxy S tablet repair tips.

Cracked Screen

samsung tablet cracked screen

As stated before, all gadgets are prone to physical damage, especially when dropped. If you have dropped your tablet, there is a likely chance that your screen has been damaged, whether it is a crack, scratch or a touch screen problem. Many times physical damage does not necessarily mean internal damage, so it is always good to check the device after it has been dropped. Scratched and cracked screens can always be replaced, but internal damage may be a bigger problem. Samsung cracked screen repair is available at trusted locations. If you find that you have dropped your tablet and it is not turning on or is experiencing a malfunction such as your touch screen not responding, then it is probably best to seek help from professionals. This is because you don’t want to damage your device any further, especially when dealing with digitizer screens as the Samsung Galaxy S Tablet has.

  • The device’s screen is physically damaged
  • The device is not turning on or is dim
  • The device’s touch screen does not respond

Water Damage

Samsung Galaxy S Tablet Repair Services Shanghai

More often than not, one of your high powered gadgets will be plagued by water damage at some point. While rain water will probably not affect your Samsung Galaxy S Tablet, dropping your tablet into water or dropping liquid onto your tablet will most probably have adverse reactions, especially if the water seeps into the device or battery. Even though some symptoms may not be immediate, it is always a good idea to remove your battery and dry your tablet as well as the battery. Turning it on afterwards to check for any damage is also a good idea; however, water damage is not always immediate and can take a few weeks. At times the damage can occur in the form of rusting and/or malfunction of battery or internal software. If your device overheats or is not charging, you need to look into additional solutions to the problem to make sure you don’t damage the device further.

      • The device is not turning on
      • The device’s battery is not charging and the device is heating up
      • There is visible rust on the phone

Battery Malfunction

samsung tablet s batteryWhen it comes to high-performance gadgets, battery life is often a problem. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery in the Samsung Galaxy S
Tablet is mostly drained when a user’s WiFi is continuously connected, if the tablet is always connected to a 3-G network and/or if the device is always connected to GPS. While these programs drain the battery, overcharging your battery can also create issues. Sometimes the power cord of your device may be damaged or not working any longer. At other times turning the screen off more often is a remedy, but if the problem is recurring and you’re running to charge your device every few hours, you should probably look into the problem further.

      • The device needs to be charged multiple times a day
      • The device’s battery has malfunctioned or the power cord is not working properly

Wireless Connectivity Problems

One of the most recurring issues with the Samsung Galaxy S Tablet is the Wi-Fi connectivity problem. Many users complain of dropped wireless connections when using the tablet, despite strong connectivity signals. There are a few reasons for connectivity problems, including weak internet connection or a problem with your network settings. At times security settings can also limit your Samsung Galaxy S Tablet from connecting to a wireless network. However, if wireless connectivity is not remedied by any of these solutions, it would be helpful to get your device checked out.

      • The device drops network connections repeatedly
      • The device cannot connect to strong or weak wireless networks

Software Upgrade Problems

There are times when you update your device’s software and either the software will run perfectly or it will make your device slow and sluggish. Sometimes software upgrades can even drain your battery create glitches, or even force shutdowns. Some problems that have been mentioned with the Samsung Galaxy S Tablet when upgrading software are battery drainage, non-responsive camera etc. While there are remedies to these problems, it is best to seek professional help because software upgrades may make a device sluggish and create more complicated problems.

      • Forced shutdowns or glitches
      • Battery drainage

Advice on Samsung Galaxy Tablet Repair

To save time and money, people often want to fix their tablets on their own, and while there is no harm in doing so, there are chances of damaging your device further. It is always a good idea to take your device to a professional who is well equipped with the knowledge and tools to deal with all your tablet problems. If attempting to fix your device yourself, you can often read conflicting solutions on the internet, which again may increase your chances of damaging your device further.

How to Get Your Samsung Galaxy Tab Repaired

SUNNY REPAIR are professionals in their field and provide various solutions to any problem you may be having with your Samsung Galaxy S Tablet or Samsung cell phone. Not only is SUNNY REPAIR inexpensive, they help you every step of the way with troubleshooting and repair work.  

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